Deployable New Relic configuration [FEAT - 1239]

It would be great to have deployable New Relic configurations. With a portfolio of sites where I need to go into each sites NR dashboard and set up any custom configuration, if I could do this as part of code, that would be ideal… Maybe it could be part of the pantheon.yml file, or maybe it’s its own configuration file, having the “infrastructure as code” would be a feature that mimics the entire rest of the Pantheon platform.

Hey @dpagini it’s me again! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this! I think this is really great feedback for our Product team. I am tagging here, one of our awesome PMs. I am sure he may have some additional insight to share here!

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Thanks @mckenna.regets. I would be happy to talk more about the topic with your team as well if you want to do any additional discovery on the topic! =)

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Thank you!! I will also note that on the FEAT ticket I am submitting :slightly_smiling_face: In the event they would love to chat (which I am sure they will) I will send an intro email to connect you!

@dpagini, I think this might be doable already through Quicksilver (pantheon.yml) and the New Relic API.

For instance, here’s an example of telling New Relic that a deployment has been made

Or in this example from 8 years ago that I forgot that I wrote (lol) where New Relic config is set on multidev creation.

You could open a PR or issue over in that repo if you want to chat about the idea more.